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Hydraulic Analysis

Rivers and Streams:

  • Two Dimensional analysis for more spatially varied systems with complex floodplain interactions

    • Wide variety of 2D modeling experience.

    • Model selection, development, calibration and analysis.

  • One Dimensional, simple to complex, typically using HEC-RAS

  • FEMA and Local floodplain assessments

    • No-rise certifications

    • CLOMR / LOMR / FIS

    • Floodplain regulatory compliance support

  • Steady and Unsteady

  • Flood reduction alternatives analysis

  • Hydraulic analysis for geomorphic and habitat metrics

Urban, Drainage and Stormwater:

  • Pipe and ditch capacity analysis

  • System Analysis, optimization and distributed solution alternative analysis

  • Numerical modeling (SWMM, Infoworks, HEC-RAS, HSPF, WWHM, HY-8, etc)

  • Sediment and erosion repairs and long-term solutions

River and Stream Engineering Design

  • Large Woody Debris

  • Bank erosion protection

  • Grade control, channel stabilization

  • Restoration, Habitat reconstruction and enhancement

  • Floodplain reconnection

  • Engineered Log Jams

  • Levee setbacks

  • Fish passage culverts

  • Side channel habitat construction

  • Scour and erosion protection

  • Barb and river training

  • Weirs and riffles

  • Bridge/culvert crossing protection

  • Road protection from channel migration

  • Emergency In-water repairs

  • Pipeline crossing protection

  • Sedimentation and chronic maintenance solutions

Geomorphic Evaluations

  • Scour evaluations and risk assessments

  • Channel migration and lateral erosion

  • Longitudinal profile assessment

  • Channel form characterization and suitability

  • Sediment aggradation and degradation analysis

  • Numerical Modeling of bed and bank conditions (sediment transport modeling, lateral bank erosion modeling)

    • Quantitative evaluation of long term natural systems performance 

    • Design of countermeasures and alternatives analysis

Hydrologic Analysis

  • Flood frequency analysis

  • Hydrologic basin modeling

    • HSPF, WWHM, SWMM, etc

    • Evaluation of Level of Service, Identification of key capacity issues

    • Basin plan solutions to provide long-term flood reduction and water quality improvements

  • Peak streamflow estimation

  • Stream gaging analysis, support and collection

  • Reservoir routing for dam operations analysis

    • Spillway gate schedule development

    • Alternative spillway operations analysis

  • High water mark identification

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