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About Indicator

In 2016, after 15 years of working in hydraulics, Pat Flanagan founded Indicator Engineering to provide clients with better service and technical analysis that meets their needs from a project's start to finish. Indicator strives to identify and understand our client's issues and provide well considered solutions. We use a wide range of analysis and design techniques fit each project, each river, each stream, with analysis that answers pertinent questions, and designs that are constructible and reliable. Indicator is unique in our ability to provide highly technical hydraulic engineering at all phases of the project, from planning and analysis to design and construction.  We are constantly refining and improving our tools and techniques to deliver solutions efficiently using thoughtful scientific analysis and robust solutions to solve complex hydrologic, hydraulic and geomorphic problems.


We strive to hire great people with an interest in technical H&H engineering. Most of our work is public sector for local agencies. If that sounds like you please drop us a cover letter and resume.  (contact page)


Indicator Engineering has a competitive FAR/AASHTO/WSDOT approved overhead rate for projects with federal funding.  We work efficiently on all projects to develop deliverables on-time, within the defined budget, and meet or exceed expectations.  Contact us to discuss your project and an estimate.

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